.Virtual commissioning and simulation in 3D

In our projects – as one of the few – we use Emulate3D: a professional CAD based software enabling the so-called “virtual commissioning”. Emulate3D allows the simulation of the designed control system in the form of three-dimensional models and testing it offline in real time, which significantly shortens the time of the actual commissioning on-site.

3D Emulation

We offer the preparation of a real 3D simulation of the control system, enabling customers to verify project assumptions and choose optimal system parameters before starting the implementation. In the case of extension of the facility, our simulation allows to test new installations without interfering with the existing system, thereby minimizing the costs of downtime.

3D simulation of the automation system is also very useful for providing initial trainings to system operators, which saves time and reduces costs significantly.


Costs reduction of possible modifications due to verification of project assumptions on very beginning realization phase

Possible tests of system extension project without any interference in the existing system

Significant shortening of the term of system commissioning

Graphically attractive 3D visualization of production process