What is the foundation of our work?

In response to a development of many companies and a willingness to meet the clients expectations related to fast and effective delivery of products, 10 years ago we opened Stevia Automation. Since the beginning our goal has been to make activities of big companies easier.

For someone else a drive of product from point A to B could be an insignificant process. We know that thanks to the improvement of that process, not only companies gain. The one who gains the most is the human, who doesn’t have to wait for dreamed or necessary product for a few days or weeks but can be served from day to day.

Every malfunction or fault slows down the process. That is why from the very beginning we especially pay attention to the way our services are provided. We are appreciated by our clients and contractors for the highest standard of services. Our services causes that product lines commissioned by us work seamlessly.

At the foundations of our business there is a relationship and trust. At the beginning it related to our founders, who have decided to cooperate in the field of industrial automation.

Over time this has also moved to employee and customer relations.
The company’s values significantly contributed to the fact that Stevia currently employs several dozen employees and works for the largest companies in the world, such as Amazon, Ornua and Huhtamaki

The values we follow:

Honesty towards employees and customers

Treating each other with dignity

Making everyone on the team feel good and have an impact on the work they do

Helping each other at work

Taking initiatives related to expanding your business

Hiring specialists

Investing in employee training and development

Following technological changes

Taking care of the smallest detail in the work performed

Concern for the highest customer service

Using the best software and equipment and verifying their quality

 Willingness to negotiate with the client

Together, we form a team that combines the highest quality of services together with relationships built on mutual respect and trust.

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