EPLAN Design & Prefabrication of control cabinets

We deal with the complete implementation of electrical systems, from the design of circuits and cabinets, through the procurement of materials and prefabrication of control cabinets, to electrical installation and commissioning at the facility. Our main strength is our accuracy in execution and attention to detail. Our cabinets are extensively tested and each wire is described and routed according to the documentation.

We mainly design, prefabricate and commission the following automation components in the facilities:

Control cabinets


Control panels

Junction boxes

Inverter cabinets

EPLAN design (Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation)

We produce control and instrumentation documentation using, among other things, the engineering software EPLAN. On the basis of the documentation, we create complete material lists and description lists for apparatus, cables and wires. In our work, we use standards such as EN IEC 81346 and EN 61355 to ensure that our projects meet international requirements.

Before preparing a quotation, we prepare preliminary material lists to determine the cost of materials. A complete bill of materials is generated when the electrical documentation is completed.

Our engineers are able to refine and modernise the documentation provided in EPLAN. In addition, we can transfer documentation from pdf to EPLAN taking into account international standards when structuring a project.

Prefabrication of control cabinets

We prefabricate the cabinets with the greatest care and the art of engineering. Our products are developed in accordance with a number of standards including EN IEC 61439, EN 60204, EN ISO 13849 and 2014/35/EU. We also use printed cable ties for each connection. Apparatus descriptions are doubled on the apparatus and on the mounting plate at the apparatus. In movable areas such as doors – the wires are passed through suitably sized flexible protective pipes.

We often use cable grommets in the form of the Skintop Multi or Skintop Cube product, which gives some flexibility for on-site installation, and speeds up commissioning, while maintaining IP66 sealing.

The customer has a decisive influence on the naming of the elements in the documentation, but when the customer does not have specific requests, each element of the diagram is appropriately described according to the name of the device and the place of installation. This makes it easier to identify elements both in the documentation, and at the facility.

Our qualified fitters build cabinets based on high-quality components from renowned automation manufacturers. As a result, the products we supply guarantee trouble-free and long-lasting operation at the facility. All products are supplied with CE declarations of conformity.

Electrical commissioning

Fabricated cabinets are tested before being dispatched to the customer for:

  • correctness of connections and electric shock protection,
  • insulation resistance and other factors indicated by the client or resulting from the specifics of the project.

For measurements, we use SONEL meters that meet the measurement requirements of German VDE standards. Measurements of protective conductors can be performed with current up to 20A. Where possible, we also perform the initial start-up of the cabinet before shipping it to the customer. After testing, each product is provided with the relevant reports to confirm the tests carried out.

Also, we offer full installation and commissioning of electrical components at the facility. We equip all conveyor lines with sensors, cameras and other components to ensure safe system operation. In addition, we carry out the installation of troughs and cabling throughout the line. We connect and commission the previously created cabinets, and integrate them into the control system. Also, our tasks usually include connecting the cabinets to the main power supply and taking final measurements.

We will design and manufacture a comprehensive electrical system tailored to your needs