PLC programming

SCS – Stevia Control Standard

We have been programming PLCs for over 20 years. Experience has allowed us to develop our own proprietary standard, which contributes to faster and more efficient implementation of material transport system control projects.

SCS is a library containing PLC blocks and off-the-shelf ATVISE SCADA components. The blocks are prepared in such a way as to make the programming of new systems as simple as possible, and for each block or component to perform a specific, tested task. The standard also includes off-the-shelf mechanisms to integrate the PLC programme with Emulate 3D providing virtual commissioning and system testing.

The SCS has been used in a number of projects requiring high product transfer rates. The excellent knowledge of the standard and the numerous applications confirm that it is suitable for use in the intralogistics industry.

Advantages of using our SCS standard:

Tested programme blocks

Reducing implementation time

Cost reduction

Timely project implementation

We program sophisticated and extensive intralogistics systems as well as individual machines. Our programmes can manage hundreds of conveyors. We also program advanced equipment such as sorters, vision systems and industrial robots. We are able to track the product, and ensure that the cargo being moved arrives at the specific destination required.

Many years of experience and implementation of projects around the world have made our engineers able to adapt the program to any type of device. Most of our projects are carried out on Siemens controllers, but we are also familiar with other controllers such as Allen Bradley.

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