Control systems for intralogistics & automotive

With experienced staff, we offer comprehensive services in the design, manufacture and implementation of industrial automation systems. We specialise in the implementation of internal transport control systems in various industries. Our programmers create and develop libraries of off-the-shelf functions to support typical devices, which reduces implementation time and guarantees the correct operation of the system being run.

Our many years of experience help us in the implementation of large and complex systems. We have developed a way of working that ensures that the project is delivered on time and efficiently, and the service assistance we offer gives confidence that the system will work properly.

Our scope of work includes:

PLC programming

The proprietary SCS standard reduces implementation time, and guarantees correct system operation.

SCADA systems

Experience in the integration of SCADA systems in particular Atvise, Ignition and Siemens.

EPLAN Design & Prefabrication of control cabinets

Implementation of the electrical plant from design to electrical commissioning.

Virtual commissioning

Full mapping and testing of the programmed system in a 3D environment.

Integration with IT systems

Connection and data exchange between the host system and the control system.

Industrial robots

Programming and commissioning of robotic workstations.

Technical support

Full service assistance over the implemented systems.

We divide each project into individual phases, making it run according to predetermined criteria


  1. We define the system requirements
  2. We create a description of the system’s functionality
  3. We select the right hardware and software
  4. We prepare the hardware specification
  5. We create a project schedule
  6. We present a quote


  1. We prepare the complete electrical documentation
  2. We create the source code and hardware configuration
  3. We test software and simulate in a “virtual facility”
  4. We prefabricate control cabinets


  1. We install the equipment and implement the system
  2. We carry out testing and optimisation
  3. We oversee the start of the system
  4. We train operators


  1. We provide warranty and post-warranty services
  2. We provide remote technical support
  3. We perform service contracts

We manufacture systems comprehensively, as well as adapt existing systems to changing needs. If you already have an automation system, we can upgrade and extend it with further components.

The use of the 3D emulation system streamlines the process of commissioning at the facility, and thus reduces implementation time. SCADA systems allow operators to effectively control the operation of the plant, and give access to selected relevant data, statements and reports also from remote and mobile devices. Industrial robots replace tedious and often dangerous human labour while guaranteeing the repetition of operations over time.

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