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DemoSim – start new batch


Welcome to the next episode in our video series dedicated to our mobile presentation rig with the particular emphasis on atvise® scada system. Today we want to show you the sequence of starting a production batch and the short overview of the palletizing and wrapping areas.

Stevia Automation is an official integrator of Atvise® Scada. Should you have any questions in relation to Atvise® Scada or any other aspect of the presentation please do not hesitate to contact us.

DemoSim – service control


As mentioned in our previous post, we keep on improving our mobile presentation rig. In today’s video we want to show you our wireless approach to the service control of the automated system via GETAC tablet and Atvise® Scada launched from the Chrome browser.

Stevia Automation is an official integrator of Atvise® Scada. Should you have any questions in relation to Atvise® Scada or any other aspect of the presentation please do not hesitate to contact us.

DemoSim – general system overview


We are working at our recently upgraded mobile presentation rig. Previous version was build in 2019 and had different simulation approach. All system behavior was simulated in the PLC (transfer times, sensor activations, jams etc.) whereas new version uses Emulate 3D software for this purpose.

Stevia Automation is an official integrator of atvise® scada, therefore the system is controlled by this very software. Mobile presentation rig is equipped with some physical gear (key switches, buttons and lamps) to provide some basic interaction but the main purpose of the the rig was to present the capabilities of WEB SCADA, especially its wireless implementation on GETAC tablets. Both atvise® scada (development and runtime) and OPC server handling communication between PLC and SCADA are installed on small PC within the rig.

This is our first video dedicated to mobile atvise® scada presentation rig. Thanks for watching!

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Small conveyor system with Fanuc Robot and Echo Dot 3


We are in preparation to LogiMAT 2022, where we will show a small conveyor system created on 3D Printer. This installation will be also equipped with Fanuc Robot and Echo Dot 3 Voice control system.

Each visitor will have the opportunity to win a gadget on our stand, if he only knows the answer for the question which will be displayed on HMI screen and read by Echo device. The robot will then place the gadget on the first conveyor. The Contestant has to select the correct answer until the system transports the item to the penultimate conveyor. When the answer is correct the gadget will be transported to the last conveyor otherwise the robot will bring it back to the store place.

When no one is taking part in our game, the robot will play alone. What exactly will he do? Let it be a secret.

Prefabrication of control cabinets – electrical tests


Yet another four control cabinets will leave our workshop in the next couple of days. Although the project was demanding (delivering dates), we managed to complete it on time! Today we took the last measurements and did final electrical tests. We must make sure that the cabinets will work reliably for many years

Internal transport system tests in Emulate3D


One of the first projects where we used the Emulate3D environment to test our Stevia’s PLC/SCADA software Standard was a project consisting of transporting trays via a high-speed three-level lift using product tracking to four destinations.

The commissioned system works flawlessly and the tests performed reduced the commissioning of four identical internal transport lines to two weeks.

Design and building of control cabinets


In addition to PLC programming, our Katowice-based team also prefabricates control cabinets, switchgears, control panels, junction boxes and inverter cabinets based on either documentation designed by our engineers or received directly from the customer.

For better price accuracy tenders are preceded by cost estimation of preliminary material lists.
Thanks to the well-established relationship with our suppliers we can offer attractive prices for components and devices used in control cabinet construction.

Check our offer: Control cabinets

Voice control into our material handling demo system


Using the time between projects, we decided to implement voice control into our material handling demo system consisting of a FANUC industrial robot and conveyor system model. Voice control was based on Amazon’s Echo Dot 3 speaker. This, one of the most popular Amazon products, is not only a radio device. It is also a virtual intelligent assistant Alexa with many options which can be used in different ways. In our application we have connected Echo Dot 3 speaker with the Raspberry Pi using NodeRed software and have established Ethernet communication between Raspberry Pi and the Robot controller.

Below find a short video showing the first successful attempts of voice control of a robot program.
We are now working on a second step which is a voice controlled conveyor system with command confirmation feedback to Echo Dot 3 speaker. We will present the results soon.

LogiMAT – International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions


Even though there is still quite a lot of time left, we would like to invite you now to visit our stand at the LogiMAT Stuttgart, the International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management in March next year.
At the fair we are planning to present our offer covering complex automation and robotization services of material handling in warehouses.

In addition, each visitor to our stand will have a unique opportunity to enter the virtual factory thanks to VR technology used with the Emulate3D software.
Finally, we are going to show you a miniature transportation conveyor line with the Fanuc robot, which will deliver our gifts for everyone who takes part in a simple quiz.

Emulate3D + Goggle VR


A production line in a virtual environment? No problem! Prior to on-site commissioning our projects are thoroughly tested using Emulate3D (Industry leading emulation software).

Thanks to our own scripts, we can achieve the exact behaviour of any system element in a virtual environment, allowing us to build and properly test offline the entire, complex material handling systems.

Moreover, Emulate3D integrates with virtual reality glasses which allows us to immerse inside the virtual production hall with the tested system.

Detailed system test reports are coming soon!