SCADA systems

SCADA systems allow operators to effectively supervise plant operation. Their main task is to show the actual state of the facility. The plant can be managed from both the central control room and the built-in HMI panels, as well as using wireless mobile devices. For maintenance services, SCADA facilitates line management and fault diagnosis.

The use of SCADA systems provides the opportunity to collect and analyse data for the process being run. Reports, graphs and statistics are available to assess performance, as well as to monitor other system-relevant KPIs. Key Performance Indicators). Analysis of historical data allows to draw conclusions and introduce improvements in the process, and, in the event of a failure, to check what was the cause of its occurrence.

What do you gain from SCADA systems?

Supervision and control of plant operation

Real-time information

Device parameter archive

Reporting of process parameters

Assistance in diagnosing failures and increasing efficiency

Remote process monitoring

Our engineers can integrate any SCADA system in your company – from small and simple to large and complex.

SCADA systems typically allow the system to be controlled from a central location or from operator panels mounted at specific points on the line. Due to the development of mobile technology and increasing customer demands, SCADA systems can also control the process via wireless tablets.

As a company, we have many years of experience in implementing SCADA systems with mobile tablets to facilitate control of the entire line. As we know how important communication reliability is in this type of system, we use advanced communication protocols. In this way, the devices used provide a guarantee of safe and wireless control.

We will select the best SCADA system for your company’s needs!

Atvise SCADA

  • We are the only authorised integrator on the Polish market
  • It is used in large and advanced projects
  • Our proprietary software standard (SACS) includes Atvise SCADA blocks
  • Used by us, among others, on the Finnebrogue project

Ignition SCADA

  • Used in large and advanced intralogistics projects
  • Used by us, among others, in the implementations at Amazon

Siemens SCADA

  • We have carried out a number of implementations in various industry segments
  • Used in the development of SCADA systems and visualisation for HMI panels

We will select the best SCADA for your system