Virtual commissioning

In our projects, we use specialised CAD software – Emulate3D – which enables virtual commissioning of the system, i.e. emulating the designed control system in the form of three-dimensional models, and carrying out accurate tests of the plant’s operation in real time. The Emulate software takes into account all the conveyors, components and sensors that are present in the real facility. By combining the software with a real controller and PLC programme, we can create a digital twin of the real facility.

Advantages of virtual commissioning

Reduced system commissioning time at the facility

Verification of design assumptions

Design testing in virtual reality

3D visualisation of plant operation

We offer the preparation of an actual 3D simulation of the control system, enabling customers to verify design assumptions and select optimum system parameters even before commissioning begins. In the case of facility expansion, our simulation allows new plants to be tested without interfering with the existing system, thereby minimising downtime costs.

Before going to the facility, we offer a meeting at our office so that both the customer and our company can be sure that the software is correct. We usually organise a FAT (factory acceptance test) meeting, during which we can check and verify the design assumptions, e.g. checking the assumed performance. In addition, the customer can see the system in action before the physical commissioning.

Take a look at what Emulate 3D can do

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