Company general overview

As a company, we have been designing and commissioning control systems for over 10 years. We specialize in the intralogistics and automotive sectors. In addition to these, we also provide control systems for various types of machines.

We carefully select and implement automation to ensure it optimally supports people and is economically justified. With our extensive experience, we are a reliable business partner, committed to delivering projects on time.

We have gained experience in the following industry sectors and provided tailored solutions for each of them:

We work with numerous well-known and global companies. Here are some of our major projects:

  • 22 Amazon greenfield warehouses
  • Full product tracking
  • Siemens PLC and Ignition SCADA software development
  • Integration with WMS
  • Virtual commissioning & On-site commissioning
  • Max throughput more than 5000 pieces / hour
  • Vehicle wheel balancing machines with interface to wheel weight application system
  • Electrical designing (Eplan)
  • Procurement
  • Cabinet prefabrication
  • Software development and commissioning for Siemens PLC and Fanuc robot
  • Infeed line through 3 halls and sorting area
  • Electrical design (Eplan)
  • Procurement
  • Cabinet prefabrication
  • Electrical on-site installation
  • Siemens PLC & Atvise SCADA software development
  • Virtual commissioning
  • On-site commissioning
  • Boxes transportation
  • Robot palletizing
  • Pallets transportation
  • Lifts
  • Full product tracking
  • Siemens PLC & Atvise SCADA software development
  • Virtual commissioning
  • On-site commissioning

More about our realizations:

Control systems

With experienced staff, we offer comprehensive services in the design, manufacture and implementation of industrial automation systems. We specialise in the implementation of internal transport control systems in various industries. Our programmers create and develop libraries of off-the-shelf functions to support typical devices, which reduces implementation time and guarantees the correct operation of the system being run.

PLC programming

We have been programming PLCs for over 20 years. Experience has allowed us to develop our own proprietary standard, which contributes to faster and more efficient implementation of material transport system control projects.
We also very often work with our partners’ standards.

SCADA systems

We have successfully implemented more than 100 SCADA systems. We have extensive experience in Siemens, Ignition, and Atvise SCADA systems, but we are also capable of integrating any other SCADA system based on our customers’ requirements.

EPLAN design & cabinet prefabrication

We supply comprehensive project implementation from design, through the execution of control and power cabinets, to assembly and commissioning of the electrical installation at the customer’s site.

The standard of performance is ensured by the use of the EPLAN Electric software and the implementation of components from landing suppliers. Our experienced team guarantees high-quality electrical installations.

Virtual commissioning

We provide customers with simulation models in the CAD-Emulate3D environment. Integration of the Emulate3D workstation and the PLC controller enables real-time 3D simulation of any conveyor system. It is even possible to define such details as material type and friction coefficient.


  • Cost reduction by verifying project assumptions and minimizing modifications
  • Testing system extension projects without interfering with the existing system
  • Significant reduction in the time required for system commissioning
  • Graphically appealing 3D visualization of the production process

Integration with IT systems

In our SCS (Stevia Control Standard), we have blocks that enable communication between PLCs and higher IT systems. During the implementation process, we customize our programming blocks to align with the information exchange method supported by the customer’s systems.

Depending on specific requirements, we can provide more advanced integration with IT systems by developing an intermediary system that acts as a connector between the customer’s WMS and the control system.

Industrial robots

As part of our projects, we provide programming services for industrial robots, primarily from manufacturers such as ABB, FANUC, and KUKA. We have extensive experience in implementing various applications, with a focus on palletizing and machine operation being the most common ones.

Technical support

We understand that unforeseen situations may arise once the system is operational, or there may be minor changes that were not included in the initial specification. That’s why we provide technical support for our customers. We have the ability to solve most problems remotely, but if necessary, we can visit the facility at a scheduled time.

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