Stevia Automation as an integrator of intralogistics systems

What makes us deserving of this title? We are an automation integrator, which means we deal with designing, programming, installing, and commissioning automated systems, making all machines and devices interconnected with each other, as well as with the overarching IT system. We specialize in providing intralogistics solutions for industries such as e-commerce, logistics, retail, wholesale and manufacturing.

We create and implement control systems, process control, and monitoring, as well as integrate existing and new devices, forming an integrated intralogistics system. By employing it, logistical processes within a company run smoothly, and information about them is precise and reaches all departments of the company.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in control system integration. For many years, our engineers have been working on intralogistics projects in Poland and Europe, allowing us to share expert knowledge with our clients, which we use in our new projects.

We deliver comprehensive warehouse systems and also handle the commissioning of machinery for both logistics and automotive companies. We also support general contractors, acting as subcontractors, specializing in programming advanced intralogistics systems.

With over 10 years of experience, we gained the trust of many companies, and today they operate with the help of the control systems we have implemented. Thanks to continuous professional development and keeping up with the latest trends in automation, our engineers are capable of tackling challenging projects.

Advantages of modern intralogistics systems:

Error minimization

Shortening process completion times

Reduction of operational costs

Flexibility and scalability

Increased system throughput

How does our intralogistics integration work?

We provide our clients with professional service and tailor our approach to each project individually. Before starting implementation, we analyze the client’s needs and requirements regarding the processes taking place within the company.

Our engineers conduct technical consultations before starting the project to ensure the creation of an intralogistics system concept that meets the real needs of the company. We advise our clients on how to optimize the planned system to ensure smooth and efficient processes, directly relieving employees and increasing company productivity.

We always prioritize a collaborative partnership with our clients. We provide support at every stage of the project, even after the commissioning phase. We offer technical support for the system to quickly address any issues and ensure continuity of operation.

What are the benefits of modern intralogistics systems?

The use of modern intralogistics systems, based on automation, allows for increased efficiency and error elimination in logistics processes, directly contributing to cost reduction.

One of the most significant reasons for introducing automation is to ensure high system throughput, which cannot be achieved by manual processes. Through such actions, companies can provide faster customer service and dynamically respond to market changes, resulting in increased competitiveness and business profitability.

Intralogistics systems consist of many elements, both mechanical, electrical, and IT, which together create an integrated whole. Such integration allows for managing the installation from a single application. Combining several processes, such as sorting, palletizing, and pallet transport, through automated solutions reduces the number of required handling workers and streamlines and automates information flow.

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